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Dialing Up Performances for Telecom Players

As economies change and technology evolves, it becomes harder and more complex for telcos to make the insightful and performance-driven decisions they need to deliver value. The accuracy of a telecom company’s underlying systems that support these decisions, as well as compliance and data protection risk, become essential for their future success.

We understand the complexities of the evolving landscape facing our clients. That is why we work in partnership with organizations in the telecom sector to address the changing and challenging realities they face. Whether that is through Enterprise Performance Management or Data Analytics, we redefine insight into corporate performance. Constellation is a true partner for Telcos in their pursuit to achieve end-to-end enterprise performance management and advanced business analytics solutions.

Business strategies extend much beyond short and medium-term financial plans. So should do the financial strategic plans, however finance users require powerful and agile tools to analyze the effects of fast-changing business circumstances and uncertainties inherent in long-range financial forecasts. Many finance departments rely on customized spreadsheets to do financial Modeling and impact analysis for these forecasts. Such customized spreadsheet solutions are difficult to manage, lack data transparency and integrity, do not integrate with operational plans, and are not efficient at handling treasury and financial Modeling activities.

In a fast-changing economical climate within shifting political landscapes, Strategic Modeling is an ideal solution for what-if modeling of financial and non-financial risks.
Users spend time simulating long-term alternative strategies, developing contingent scenarios, and stress-testing financial models, rather than building or auditing those models in spreadsheets or other non-dedicated systems. Using the built-in scenario modeling capabilities within Strategic Modeling, users proactively and effectively respond to changing industry and economic dynamics. Strategic Modeling allows users to create numerous distinct scenarios for each organizational unit. Users can also evaluate sensitivity to key performance drivers and run periodic “goal-seek” checks to determine the performance level needed to achieve specific financial objectives.
Financial models reveal the impacts of strategic decisions on an organization’s bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow, and shareholder value. Within Strategic Modeling, financial modelers can use built-in financial intelligence to assess the impact of their what-if strategic scenario models on financial statements.

Numerous, largely uncontrollable elements, including rapidly changing local and international markets, productivity-focused technologies, and intense competition, push telecom firms to be adaptable and agile. Traditional approaches and systems that are used in telecom industry planning and budgeting processes lack the required flexibility to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our solution for the telecom sector is a transformative and holistic approach to establishing a robust, flexible, and collaborative process along with a solid framework and a powerful analytical system.

Constellation’s Planning and Budgeting solution for Telecom encompasses all stages of the planning process from strategic planning to annual planning and periodic rolling forecast. The solution features an entirely configurable, complete set of planning and budgeting models across all stages of the process. The solution is the result of our years of expertise working with some of the biggest telecom businesses, where we assisted in transforming outdated legacy systems and conventional business methods into comprehensive, top-tier performance management solutions.

With a wide array of businesses and complex financial processes, Telecom companies spend countless hours in their close, consolidation, and reporting processes in every reporting cycle. Constellation’s Financial Close, Consolidation, and Reporting solution for Telecom greatly improve productivity and help eliminate non-compliance risks through automation.

  • Improve transparency across the organization on the entire financial close process
  • Elimination of the usage of spreadsheet templates
  • Automated data integration with the source systems
  • Configurable, automated financial consolidation with minority interests, intercompany elimination, and currency translation
  • Enriching transparency through narrative reporting
  • Automated generation of financial statements and report books

Constellation’s Financial Close, Consolidation & Narrative Reporting Solution

Our financial close and narrative reporting solution brings a high degree of transparency into close processes through the comprehensive close calendar, role-based close task lists, narrative data collection, and integration with the source systems. With vast experience in some of the largest telecom companies, our solution is designed to transform traditional reporting practices and legacy systems into complete world-class performance management solutions.

  • Role-based task lists and Integration: Detailed and step-by-step documentation of close process via role-based task list functionality. Integration of GL, sub-ledger close tasks with the source systems
  • Close monitoring: Close monitoring dashboards, alerts, and notifications for the delayed tasks and task reminders for the users
  • Collaborating and automation: Advanced collaboration in the close process through Microsoft Office integration, workflow, and role-based access rights
  • Narrative reporting: Role-based narration collection in management reporting and automated generation of narrative reporting process
  • Traceability: Fully compliant with accounting and audit traceability needs

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