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Citizens and businesses both depend on governments to create a stable economic and political environment, and their ability to do so depends largely on their systems and processes that will enable insightful and performance-driven decisions. Traditional government planning, budgeting, and financial analysis approaches lack the required agility and insightfulness to cope with rapidly changing regional and global economies, the evolution of new technologies, population growth, increase in life expectancy, and unforeseen shifts in geopolitical and global economic climate.

Constellation’s long association with diverse government entities and deep understanding of public sector performance management transformation projects enable the delivery of unparalleled solutions that not only help respond to the challenges and complexities in financial and economic climate but also proactively develop plans against unforeseen shocks.

Constellation’s long association with diverse government entities, and deep understanding of public sector performance management transformation projects enable the delivery of unparalleled solutions that do not only help respond the challenges and complexities in financial and economic climate but also proactively develop plans against unforeseen shocks.

Planning & Budgeting

The Advanced Planning and Budgeting solution from Constellation for government and public sector entities is a transformative and holistic approach to establishing a robust, flexible, and collaborative process, as well as a solid framework and a powerful analytical system.

The solution covers all stages of the planning process, from strategic planning to medium-term planning and setting annual targets; from budget ceiling distribution to detailed budget preparation; and from budget review and approval to budget management. Constellation’s largely configurable solution features a complete set of planning and budgeting models across all stages of the process.

Strategic Modelling

Strategic Modeling is the ideal solution for identifying, understanding, and dealing with financial and non-financial risks in today’s ever-changing modern economic climates and shifting political landscapes. Constellation assists government departments in aligning strategy with operational plans by establishing meaningful targets, conducting financial impact analysis, and presenting focused financial data for informed decision-making.

The following are the key features of Constellation’s Strategic Modelling solution :

  • Seamless alignment of long-range plans with bottom-up forecasts
  • Create unlimited what-if scenarios for every financial model
  • Aggregate plans across what if scenarios
  • Investment plans what-if analysis and investment portfolio optimization
  • Cash flow impact analysis

Workforce Planning

Advances in technology and the strategic direction of public sector entities create demand for skills that are frequently lacking in today’s workforce. The disparity between current and future skills is driven by strategy and technology and necessitates a strategic approach to workforce planning. Constellation’s Strategic Workforce Planning solution bridges the gap between strategic planning and human capital planning by bringing visibility to the gap between demand and supply skills and planning capability to address the assessed skill gap.

Listed below are some of the key highlights of Constellation’s Strategic Workforce Planning solution :

  • Determine the demand for jobs based on macroeconomic forecasts and government strategic plans
  • Determine the job supply based on attrition expectations and demographics of the portfolio of the current job
  • Determine the gaps between the supply and demand of jobs and help create plans to fill the gaps
  • Greatly improved visibility on the relationship between strategy and workforce skills, competencies
  • Fully integrated with annual workforce planning and annual, medium term and long-term financial planning processes
  • Fully integrated with human resource and talent management systems
  • Significantly improved analytics via insightful reporting and powerful dashboards

Integrated HR Planning

Constellation’s Integrated Human Capital Planning solution for government and public sector entities bring powerful, robust and agile workforce and compensation planning capabilities and complements strategic and financial planning and budgeting processes. Constellation’s Integrated Human Capital Planning solution provides fully configurable models that encompass all applicable HR laws and policies with complete set of compensation planning parameters by grade structure and demographics exactly as stated in HR laws and policies.

Advanced flexibility in the planning models ensures that amendments in laws and policies are reflected to planning models by authorized planners with minimal technical assistance. Constellation’s Integrated Human Capital Planning solution features rich, analytical dashboards, comprehensive reports, and a powerful set of government and public sector KPIs.

Budget Management

Government and public sector entities need to amend their budgets during budget execution in order to adapt themselves to the government’s ever-changing fiscal conditions while ensuring spending is done at the right time and budgetary discipline is maintained.

Constellation’s Budget Management solution for government and public sector entities automates and streamlines complex budget amendment processes and complements budget control and encumbrance management processes.

Strategic Performance Management

Constellation’s Strategic Performance Management solution for public sector entities brings much-desired control and visibility over public sector performance and integrates the invaluable performance information with strategy management, planning, budgeting and financial close processes.

With Constellation’s methodology, performance can be planned and managed at every level of the organization, from Entities to Departments, from Groups of Outputs to Individual Outputs, and from Executive Management to Employees. By automating every step of the performance management process, from annual performance planning to performance target setting and from continuous performance monitoring to assessment and reporting, Constellation’s Strategic Performance Management solution enables continuous performance improvement.

Government Service Costing

Constellation’s Government Service Costing solution brings the desired visibility on the real cost of services and automates cumbersome processes to ensure costing is approachable, repeatable, consistent, and reliable.

In addition to its tried-and-true service costing model, Constellation’s costing solution includes a set of powerful analyses that are designed to help decision makers to improve productivity and reduce cost where possible.

Financial Close, Consolidation and Reporting

Financial close and reporting processes in government entities may be significantly painful due to the vast volumes of transactions, the variety of systems, and the number of personnel involved in the close processes. With fully automated and close monitoring and account reconciliation automation functionality, Constellation’s Financial Close solution for government and public sector organizations greatly improves user productivity, and financial close timelines, and helps eliminate non-compliance risks.

Following successful closure, it is essential to consolidate financials in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and measure the financial performance through financial KPIs, ratios, and dashboards. Constellation’s Consolidation and Reporting solution for government and public sector entities is designed to achieve a golden balance between automation, user intervention, and use of technology to accelerate and revamp government financial reporting processes.


We help organizations continuously measure, plan, and act through the use of reporting and analysis tools. Constellation provides a cutting-edge information strategy approach that can allow your organization to realize the value of your financial and operational technology investments. We help our customers further leverage their investments by integrating their data, with the ever-increasing amount of cloud, social media, and unstructured content, to maximize both customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Constellation’s Powerful Analytics Solution Highlights

  • Tailor-designed combination of world-class technologies to arrive at the best possible analytics for every customer’s unique requirements
  • Turns vast amounts of system-generated and unstructured data into powerful, insightful analytics that help public sector entity executives make informed business decisions
  • Powerful dashboards that bring mission-critical performance indicators together

Data Relationship Management

Constellation’s Data Relationship Management (DRM) solution helps government and public sector entities assume responsibility by taking ownership of the data and treating it like a precious commodity. This data is utilized and applied throughout the organization, by every department, so how the data is handled becomes part of the foundation with systematically defined expectations and carefully monitored checkpoints in place. In coordination with both executive management and IT we develop a framework for master data management and a methodology for change processes to deploy and govern a defined data model.

Key benefits of Constellation’s Data Relationship Management solution

  • Maintenance of an enterprise master data repository that can be used to feed all systems – EPM, BI, DW, GL, Operational, etc.
  • Centralization of the management of all hierarchies, and related metadata for the entire organization
  • Support for cross-reference between hierarchies and nodes to provide key elements used for consolidation reporting, simplified dimensional change modeling, and master data documentation
  • Complete audit tracking for data changes made via DRM’s native interactive interface and those made through custom interfaces developed using DRM’s custom development interface
  • Support for governed change management (data governance) via both out-of-the-box and custom developed interfaces (based on user requirements).

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