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With great performance comes great responsibility

Towards a Happier, Cleaner Planet

There is no greater way to celebrate human existence than by making a difference in society—be it by saving the environment or life. And we go the extra mile to put a smile on faces in the communities we work and live in, through a variety of CSR initiatives.

From opening young eyes to positive experiences to saving lives through blood donations to cleaning up the environment, Constellation is committed to leaving behind a positive legacy for society at large. Individually and collectively, our people regularly engage in myriad social initiatives aimed at improving a lot of the disadvantaged, the needy, and, by no means the least, nature. Over the years, we have singly and in partnership with diverse not-for-profit organizations, reached out to communities who most need a helping hand.

CSR Partners

CSR Partners

Our children come from underprivileged backgrounds with extremely limited resources. At Rishi Valmiki Eco School, we raise donations to provide quality education to our children. For constructive learning, it’s important for children to travel, visit different places, and explore to get learning experiences that last a lifetime. The majority of our funds go into academic & co-curricular activities. We can only dream of Educational camps with the limited funds we have.

But, we are fortunate to have Constellation (CCG) with us. We are thankful to Constellation leadership who has been thoughtful in supporting the school in his unique way. We are grateful to the entire constellation family for bringing happiness and building beautiful memories in our kids’ life along with providing great learning opportunities by taking them to various wildlife camps and adopting many children’s education. A value that RVES truly believes in which resonates with the Constellation family is humility.

We’re grateful for your consistent support

Nikita PimpleFounder, Principal Rishi Valmiki Eco School

Dear Constellation Group,

TWF and its warriors are incredibly grateful for your unwavering support. Your assistance served as a true beacon of hope for our warriors. Your continued support not only allowed our warriors to maintain and enhance their heath, but it also helped their families, many of whom are still struggling financially due to the aftermath of the pandemic.Your generosity and the humanitarian leaning of your organization towards the needy are once again demonstrated by this confirmation of continuation.

Being able to rely on your support is great and incredibly relieving since it enables us to put aside concerns about our warriors and concentrate on creating innovative plans for achieving Thalassemia Mukt Bharat, our ultimate aim.

Please accept our deepest thanks for taking into account TWF and its warriors. We shall always remain grateful, together with our warriors.

With smiles,

Rajesh ThakurChairman, The Wishing Factory

Solace wishes to express heartfelt gratitude for your generous support towards our mission. Your substantial contribution through the CSR initiative has played a pivotal role in our efforts to assist underprivileged children facing long-term illnesses.
Your financial support has enabled us to provide monthly food kits, comprising essential items for a month's worth of meals, acting as a lifeline for those struggling to afford them. Constellation Consulting Group's steadfast commitment to providing this assistance is truly heartwarming and has significantly lightened the burden for those striving to make ends meet.
We applaud Constellation Consulting Group for its dedication to enhancing the lives of these children through essential financial aid. Your support has not only brought hope but has also relieved the pressure for families grappling with the challenges of long-term illness.
Thank you for standing by our side and being an instrumental force in our mission to create a brighter future for these deserving children.

Mrs. Sheeba AmeerFounder-Secretary, SOLACE

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