Narrative Reporting

Author, review, & publish reports securely & collaboratively

  • Relying on excel-based reports that lack transparency and control?
  • Depending on disparate sources of data collections/data points?
  • Lack of audit trail, version controls, and segregation of duties?
  • Reports lacking context to the data?
  • Lack of depth in reporting affecting investor perception of management?

Optimize creation and distribution of financial and managerial reports and books

The Future of Reporting

Narrative reporting combines data and narration to deliver consistent and impressive reports. It gives context to your data and explains where and why you may not have met budgets & forecasts. We can help you build high-quality financial, management, and regulatory reports with a process-driven approach that combines data and narrative in a unified environment. Use our solution to gather narrative text and define, author, review, and publish report packages with easy-to-understand interactive dashboards.

With 20+ years of experience in EPM advisory, implementation, training, and managed services, Constellation has the track record and depth of expertise to help you make the most of the latest methods, solutions, and tools in a futuristic, time-sensitive way that enables quicker and higher returns on investment.

Promise Proven By Performance

Power generation company in the Middle East

Enabling a major multi-country power generation company in the Middle East collaborate more efficiently through the narrative reporting process

  • Created a single EPM platform enabling three distinct processes:
    • •   Accounts Reconciliation
    • •   Tax and Country by Country (CbCR) Reporting
    • •   Narrative Reporting
  • Flexible integration with multiple Oracle (Cloud, Non-Cloud) and SAP (Cloud) based data sources
  • Systemic solution with the ability to modify and generate narrative- based reporting packs for financial statements on quarterly and annual basis, board reporting packs, etc.

Plan To Succeed

Automation and segregation of duties in your reporting processes will save crucial time during your month-end activities and ensure consistency, reliability, and accuracy

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