Strategy & Performance Management

Automate strategy and performance management processes

  • Struggling to execute strategy effectively?
  • Finding it hard to align operational goals & initiatives with your organization’s strategy?
  • Unable to align the workforce with strategy?
  • Lack of collaboration between departments/teams involved in strategy management and execution?
  • Unable to link performance management with budgeting and forecasting requirements?
  • Need analytical support for better decisions?

Leverage Constellation’s Strategy and Performance Management solution to stay ahead of the competition

Align Performance With Organization Goals and Objectives

Constellation’s strategy and performance management solution for public and private organizations brings much-desired control and visibility to performance and integrates this invaluable performance information with strategy management. It combines the functionality of management of strategic objectives, initiative, KPIs, assigning ownership and accountability to its strategic elements, and lets you measure and analyze performance to expectations. Moreover, future scalability and expansion of the performance management system caters to financial planning and budgeting, and financial close processes requirements.

Constellation’s approach allows a fully-cascaded performance management framework that enables planning and management of performance for every level of the organization: from entity to departments, from groups of outputs to individual outputs, from executive management to employees.

Promise Proven By Performance

A large marine dredging company in the Middle East

Performance Management System

  • Alignment between departmental objectives with company’s strategic objectives, operational goals & initiatives
  • Uniform performance evaluation process and measurement and monitoring of performance using KPIs at various levels
  • Automated performance management process workflow
  • Monitoring strategic performance with powerful reporting functionality and dashboards
  • Scalability and expansion of the performance management system to cater for financial planning and budgeting requirements

A large department of finance in the Middle East

Performance Management System

  • Enhanced collaboration between key departments who are stakeholders in performance management process
  • Ability to develop dynamic strategy and performance management concepts
  • Ability to cascade strategic outputs within organization down to employee level and have a complete accountability hierarchy
  • Employee performance management and appraisal functionality
  • Comprehensive reporting module for analyzing results

Plan To Succeed

Constellation’s knowledge of performance management systems, coupled with the expertise in software platforms will ensure building world-class, scalable, and highly efficient Strategy and Performance Management systems.

With these systems, you will be able to

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