Tax Reporting

Automate processes—data collection, calculation, analyses—to meet tax compliances speedily

  • Operating across multiple countries and dealing with different tax laws?
  • Excessively dependent on Finance or IT to get the details for Tax work papers?
  • Spending time reconciling financial statements with tax work papers rather than analysis?
  • Want to automate your tax provisioning process, but not sure how?
  • Stuck in preparing details for country-by-country Reporting?
  • Relying on excel-based spreadsheets that lack collaboration and reliability?
  • Dealing with error-prone manual resources?

Benefit from the complete tax solution for mid-sized and large corporations

Why Tax Reporting?

Access to current financial data and processes is necessary for an effective, efficient, and transparent corporate tax function. Gaps include tax provisions, country-by-country reporting, reporting requirements, etc. Furthermore, there are often difficulties in tracking performance, and meeting critical deadlines. Most organizations—including large, global multinational firms—are unable to meet the needs of corporate tax for processes, leaving them vulnerable to undesirable scrutiny by the taxman.

Constellation offers a solution to this. The Oracle Cloud Tax Reporting platform, which works with Oracle, Hyperion, and select non-Oracle finance systems, offers a comprehensive global tax reporting solution, ideal for medium and large multinational companies. The platform enables Tax Provisioning, Country by Country Reporting, Workflow Management, Supplemental Data Management, and Key Performance Indicator reporting.

Benefits of Tax Reporting Solution

  • Streamlines your tax provisioning process, by accessing financial data directly from your ledgers or financial consolidation data, enabling higher accuracy and speed
  • Automatically generates tax journal entries, and calculates tax provisions meeting US GAAP & IFRS standards, straight out of the box
  • Works with your current tax compliance software to extract returns directly from your tax return software—saving you the time and effort of doing it manually. It also allows you to export tax provisions and trial balances to your tax compliance software at the click of a button
  • Automatically populates country-by-country data, straight from your ERP or Financial Consolidation System, with total transparency
  • Provides dashboards with in-built KPIs to flag typical issues such as revenue by employee or returns on equity
  • Collaboration between local filing and global users
  • Automated processes, including collection, calculation, analysis—including supporting documents for tax provisions, compliance, uncertain tax positions, etc.
  • Anytime-views of the tax-close status; you can maintain a tax calendar customized with important dates and workflow for important business processes, such as audit management, tax provisioning, country-wise reporting, etc.

Our Tax Reporting Solution Is A Complete Tax Data & Process Solution That Provides Improved Efficiency :

Our Tax Reporting Solution Is A Complete Tax Data & Process Solution That Provides Improved Efficiency :

Promise Proven By Performance

Power generation company in the Middle East

Automating the tax reporting process for a major, multi-geography power generation company in the Middle East

  • Out-of-the-box computation logic and implementation of various modules for CIT, Zakat, VAT, etc.
  • Development of Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR)
  • Automation of data delivery processes from diverse system leveraging Data Management enabling efficient error handling and notification procedures
  • Reduced timeline for reporting cycles
  • Minimal manual intervention

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