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Across the world and across industry segments, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions are helping organizations, be it public sector enterprises, private businesses, or non-profit organizations, grow and stay competitive. As a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading platform providers like Oracle, OneStream, Anaplan, Jedox, Microsoft, Tableau, and Dataiku, Constellation excels in picking and implementing the best-fit solutions—on cloud or on-premises—that businesses need to streamline, harmonize and automate key strategy management, financial management, and reporting processes.

Over the past 20+ years, Constellation has implemented solutions across the complete spectrum of Enterprise Performance Management for some of the MEA region’s largest private and public sector organizations.

Constellation has consulted on EPM implementation with diverse businesses, ranging from transportation and logistics to catering and facility management, to understand the challenges they face and how those challenges and be most easily resolved. The prime focus of our implementation consultations is to bring insight into corporate performance, be it through Enterprise Performance Management, Data Management, or Business Analytics, enabling them to stay competitive and grow.

Tugboat Builder & Operator in Turkey

The EPM implementation that set this shipbuilding enterprise towards new blue oceans

  • Improved financial and accounting processes
  • Ability to create three-year budgets and monthly forecasts
  • Financial processes and reporting connected with vessel construction lifecycles
  • Ability to analyze the immense volume of data at reduced costs
  • Time-saving automation and robust data-crunching power

A Facility Management Company in UAE

The EPM implementation that helped this Facility Management Company Clean Up Big

  • Visibility across the entire financial close process – Data collection from source ERP; validation from Consolidation through Reporting
  • Significant reduction in time & cost to complete Consolidation & Close, Monthly Management & Statutory Reporting
  • Complete automation for Financial Consolidation and Reporting
  • Automated Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Major savings in IT spending, through cloud advantages

Catering And Ancillary Services Company in UAE

Analytics implementation that helped this Catering & Logistics Cater to Diverse Demands and Save Money

  • 58% savings
  • Eliminated the need for manual, excel-based reports
  • 30-Day forecast using a complex predictive model + analytics to anticipate meal requirements ·
  • Performance reviews on daily basis instead of monthly
  • On-the-go access to reports via mobile devices

Power Generation Company in the Middle East

The EPM implementation helped this power generation company to develop a flexible & scalable platform to automate finance processes

  • Tax and Country by Country (CbCR) Reporting
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Introduced Reconciliations Process standardization across entities managed by the corporate team
  • Enabled creation of daily load of transactional data and weekly/end-of-month load for balances data for accounts reconciliation module
  • Automated balances and transaction matching system
  • Systemic solution with the ability to modify and generate narrative-based reporting packs for financial statements on a quarterly and annual basis, board reporting packs, etc.
  • Flexible integration with multiple Oracle (Cloud, Non-Cloud) and SAP (Cloud) based data sources

MENA’s leading Retail Brand

The EPM implementation helped this leading retail brand consolidate their market superiority

  • Agile & responsive Planning Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Automated, streamlined, and accelerated Planning & Budgeting process thus ensuring increased efficiency

Foods & Beverages Major in the Middle East

Activity-based Costing & Profitability solution that helped this organization to understand the true cost, thus driving profitability

  • Activity based ‘Cause-and-effect’ allocation for segregation of cost by product, channel, unused capacity, and business sustaining cost
  • Better understanding of Profitability : Better understanding of Profitability by Product/Channel/Location
  • Shared Service Cost – Accurate cost allocation of HR, IT, Admin, etc. departments with reciprocal allocation

Large marine dredging company in the Middle East

A Strategy and Performance Management system that helped this organization stay ahead

  • Alignment of departmental objectives with the company’s strategic objectives, operational goals & initiatives
  • Uniform performance evaluation process and measurement, and monitoring of performance using KPIs at various levels
  • Automated performance management process workflow
  • Monitoring strategic performance with powerful reporting functionality and dashboards
  • Scalability and expansion of the performance management system to cater to financial planning and budgeting requirements

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