Rig Contractor, UAE

Implementation that helped 98% reduction in time spent in data transfer and consolidation

Key Outcomes

98% Reduction in time spent on data transfer and consolidation

Unified platform for various processes

Close to real-time data

More time for analysis and decision making

The Client

A private company headquartered in Dubai operating in the Oil and Gas industry with rig operations and offices across four regions – Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, and the Middle East / North Africa / Mediterranean. Shelf Drilling is a leading contractor of jack-up rigs with Management headquartered in Dubai and operations across four core operating regions – Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, and MENAM (Middle East, North Africa & Mediterranean). The Company maintains a sole focus on shallow water drilling services and currently operates 30 rigs across eight countries and has 12 onshore locations, with approximately 3,100 employees and contractors. The company’s rigs are connected to its HQ through satellite; however, because of the low bandwidth of satellite connections, the company needed an integrated planning solution that could replicate data offline and in the background.

The Challenge

  • The company was using excel sheets and physical documentation to track and report various areas of its operations, such as revenue backlog for various rigs, fuel consumption, engine runtime, enterprise-level risk, and vendor contracts and budgets
  • There was no system to get data in an application and there was no reporting capability
  • No system to compare actual vendor spending against contract
  • Lack of sophisticated reporting capabilities for tracking and reporting various risks raised by multiple departments in an organization
  • Lack of a sophisticated system to track vendor contracts against actual spending on vendors.
  • The company needed a multi-level approval process with auditing capabilities
  • The company required a more sophisticated system to track, plan/forecast, and report all these aspects more effectively.

The Solution

Constellation was chosen as the partner to implement this challenging assignment. Our solution involved multiple Jedox implementations including:

  • Project Planning System
  • Operational Planning System
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System
  • Vendor Tracking System
  • Revenue Backlog System

Project Planning and Budgeting System implementation would bring

  • The ability to create Project codes on the fly
  • Seamless integration with both JDE and Hyperion with no or minimum admin intervention
  • The ability to easily manage and administer a project planning system
  • The ability to compare various history scenarios and perform what-if analysis
  • Automation of data and metadata update processes using Jedox’s strong ETL capabilities
  • Automated workflow and user security

Engine Run Time system to let the company

  • Track fuel consumption and report all the rigs data at a central location for ESG reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple rigs across the globe and the central Dubai server for management reporting
  • To improve reporting capabilities on various parameters
  • Have the ability for HQ users to track data from any rigs
  • Automate workflow and user security

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System to allow

  • Seamless tracking and reporting of risks
  • Creation of multiple versions of the risks and reporting the same
  • User security setup to restrict users from modifying risks from other departments.
  • Multiple dashboards for C’Level users to analyze risks

Implementation of Vendor Tracking System to enable

  • Tracking vendor contracts.
  • Creation of vendor contracts and comparison of JDE’s actual spending against every vendor
  • User security setup to restrict users from adding contracts to a wrong CC
  • Multiple dashboards and report actual v/s planned vendor to spend


  • 98% Reduction in time spent on data transfer and consolidation
  • Unified platform for various financial and operational planning & tracking processes such as project planning, risk management, vendor tracking, maintenance forecasts, project authorizations, and emissions tracking to name a few
  • No more manual data entries in disconnected MS Excel spreadsheets and paper approvals
  • Close to real-time data available for all
  • More time for managers to focus on important financial and operational activities.
  • Fully automated system with integration to a central server for fast and accurate reporting
  • Well-designed user-friendly excel like user interface
  • Minimum dependence on the technical team to manage the system

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