Profitability & Cost Management

Manage costs & drive profitability

  • Unable to determine true costs associated with products, customers, or services?
  • Inability to improve financial performance?
  • Unable to accurately predict costs and resource requirements in a dynamic environment?
  • Unsure which customers/ products are profitable, and which are not?
  • Need a better/ correct cost allocation approach?
  • Unable to understand indirect costs/ shared services costs?

Build what-if models and reports that provide real intelligence into what’s profitable, and what’s not

Measure Less, Analyze More!

Cost and Profitability Measurement are usually data heavy and time intensive initiatives and, thus, neglected or performed using quicker rather than the correct approaches. With our rich experience in Costing advisory, implementation, training and managed services, Constellation has the track record and depth of expertise to help you make the most of the latest methods, solutions and tools in a futuristic, time-sensitive way that enables quicker and higher returns on investment. We ensure your finance team is freed from manual processes of gathering and reporting data, and rather spends more time in analyzing and generating insights for management.

For years, Constellation has been helping enterprises across the industry spectrum get insights into their true costs, so they are better able to allocate resources and maximize ROI. By tailoring the latest EPM Profitability and Cost Management solutions for your needs, we can ensure that you not only have transparency into almost every area of cost, you can also apply custom-built models to compute a variety of what-if scenarios, calculate complex resource allocations, and modify models using simple point and click actions. Leverage our financial expertise in Activity Based Costing, Shared Services chargeback, etc. and tech-guidance to make the most of the latest methods, solutions, and tools to free your finance team from manual data collection and reporting processes to spending more time analyzing and generating insights for stronger bottom lines.

Promise Proven By Performance

A Middle Eastern Roads & Transport Authority

Service Costing and profitability approach for ten services of a Middle Eastern Roads & Transport Authority

  • Flexible and relevant Costing approach adopted for each of the ten services
  • Reduced human intervention and errors
  • Reduces time to collect data and calculate results
  • Provided additional granular analysis due to multi-dimensional analysis

A Middle Eastern Foods & Beverages Major

Activity Based Costing & Profitability Solution for a foods and beverages major in the Middle East

  • Understanding of True Costs: With the Activity based ‘Cause-and-effect’ allocation, segregation of cost by product, channel, unused capacity and business sustaining cost
  • Better understanding of Profitability: Better understanding of Profitability by Product/Channel/Location
  • Shared Service Cost – Accurate cost allocation of HR, IT, Admin, etc. departments with reciprocal allocation

A Middle Eastern Finance Department

Service Costing for a Middle Eastern finance department

  • Business owned costing solution adopted by over 30 departments
  • Calculates the true cost for services and helps determine unit cost
  • Integrated with all departments through web service to collect required driver data
  • Enables users trace cost from back office departments to service center and thereafter to services

A Central Bank in South West Asia

Process Costing for a Central Bank in South West Asia

  • Provided business consultancy on Activity Based Costing / Management to help client calculate accurate process costs and utilization of resources
  • Provided segregation between value adding and non-value adding services
  • Provided structural framework for capturing and automating cost and driver data

A Middle Eastern Judicial Department

Service Costing for the a Middle Eastern Judicial Department

  • Ensure just, fair and transparent Cost Allocation
  • Enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of judicial processes
  • Allocate the shared services cost to the services
  • Ensure easy and complete cost allocation methodology
  • Provide cost traceability and repeatability

Plan To Succeed

With the right solution properly implemented, you will have complete clarity into your actual costs, understand key drivers and gain actionable insights. This means, you will be able to:

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