Take the smart approach to resolve business challenges

  • Concerned about the security of online transactions on your web applications?
  • Struggling to reach desired customer support levels?
  • Losing customers online due to poorly personalized online experiences?
  • Business intelligence in your data going unrealized?
  • Productivity is compromised by unforeseen challenged to business applications’ continuity?

Harness the power of AI to improve productivity, pre-empt business continuity challenges

Futureproof Your Business

Constellation puts the power of ML solutions in your hands with speedy and cost-effective cloud-based predictive analytics that will help you take your business to the next level. We can help you harness machine learning to streamline and understand massive, scattered, and disparate data volumes, automate manual, time-intensive data entry jobs, pre-emptively identify areas that require maintenance, make accurate & desired product recommendations for shoppers, and more.

How AI/ML Can Change the Game

  • Find useful and meaningful patterns in large amounts of data of any kind, such as text, images, video, and other unstructured data
  • Employ self-learning models that let you quickly adjust to changes in the patterns of your information and the underlying economic circumstances
  • Maximize the value of your data by switching from predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics, which will help you make better decisions
  • Find specific information in the data that enables the best customer segmentation
  • Business users and data scientists can construe, respond to, and utilize data easily through better visualization and transparency
  • Provide new business models by accelerating innovation through the discovery of new patterns in data assets
  • Make actionable product recommendations to the customer
  • Predict wastage/downtime through breakdowns and/or inefficient maintenance

Artificial Intelligence: Real Marketplace Dominance

The dearth of data in the past has routinely led to decision-making based on educated hunches at best and gut feeling at worst. AI has changed all that. The confluence of big data, business intelligence, and advanced analytics have transformed data into a currency that increases business value across the board—from boosting operational efficiency to maximizing customer satisfaction.

Since our inception, we have been helping businesses across the Middle East, Africa, and India leverages the latest Enterprise Performance Management solutions and tools, with implementations tailored to their individual business needs.

Our technology superiority won through projects that span industry verticals for customers of varying size and complexity can help your company deploy AI solutions to unearth undiscovered insights and address hitherto unrealized operational and financial problems.

What The AI-Constellation Connection Can Do For You

Promise Proven By Performance

Largest Food & Agro Business in UAE

One of the largest producers and retailers of processed food products and agro commodities in UAE is using AI/ML to Forecast Sales and Understand Customer Buying Behavior

  • Advanced analytics integrated with machine learning algorithms to generate accurate and reliable sales forecasts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Improved planning, production and inventory management leading to significant reduction in waste and unnecessary, expensive inventory
  • Better Buying Recommendations: Basket analysis helped identify popular product combinations and make recommendations to take advantage of cross-selling and upselling opportunities. 
  • This helped to increase the average order value and drive more revenue

A Retail Major in KSA

We helped this retail major translate customer behavior into retail success

  • Integration of Machine Learning drove understanding customer behavior
  • Analysis of purchase history, identification of customers who only made purchases on discounts or promotions, enabled more effective targeting
  • Data comparisons on online vs offline shopping behavior, and which channels had the highest conversion rates
  • Clear understanding of the impact of their multi-buy promotions on sales
  • Informed decision making about which promotions to continue or discontinue

Advantage : Constellation

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