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Enabling Fiscal Fitness in Financial Organizations

As in every other industry vertical, finance’s primary objective, too, is to maximize company value. Other strategic objectives include delivering timely and accurate financial results and allocation of resources. In recent times, finance’s role as a partner to business has become increasingly critical, which is not surprising as customers place a large focus on roles like improving financial planning, supporting key business decisions, and identifying new revenue opportunities. Traditionalists lack the proper systems and tools, and access to data to be able to achieve these goals in a given amount of time.

Finance professionals always work with tight deadlines, there are strict compliance and regulations arose as new challenges, there are ongoing projects have to be delivered and the finance teams have to support the organization’s short- and long-term strategies by providing budgets, forecasts, and performance-related reports.

It is very well known that transferring and sharing information is extremely fast these days. This also means change happens faster and faster. This is reflected in the rapid changes that the Financial Sector (FSI) has been undergoing during the past few years.

Financial organizations must adopt the latest technology and change the way of doing business to keep aligned with the ongoing change. This is called financial transformation. This is where EPM practices make all the difference.

Our implementation of EPM solutions for FSI companies is a significant part of our portfolio, and we count some of the biggest financial institutions in the MEA region among our clientele, including Emirates NBD Bank, DenizBank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Riyad Bank, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Aksigorta Insurance among others.

We partner with our Financial Institution clients on their finance transformation journey. We help them in assessing their existing structures and conduct health checks for defining their roadmap. Our experienced advisory team looks for system/process weaknesses, identifies potential gaps, and provides proactive fixes/suggestions for the change.

Specific Solutions for Banking

  • Net Interest Income Planning including all deposits, loans, and other products (NII)
  • Non-Funded Income Planning (NFI)
  • Balance Sheet Planning
  • Sector / Branch / RM Level Profitability
  • Target alignment / Target Settings and Bottom-Up Planning
  • Reporting Packs for Banking Authorities
  • Management Reporting (Actual vs Budget)
  • Ratio Analysis (Capital Adequacy etc.)
  • Long-Term Strategic Planning
  • Internal Recharging Model
  • OPEX and CAPEX Planning

Banks have very complicated planning processes involving many users from different entities/departments. They need the perfect design with all segments (retail, corporate, …), and product (loans, deposits, and treasury are the main product groups) breakdowns for aligning budget, forecast, and actual figures in the planning system. All inputs are validated and consolidated for accurate reporting. Integration with core banking systems, data warehouses, ALM, and other systems is the key to a reliable planning and reporting system. Constellation’s complex planning, consolidation, and reporting solutions (above) address all the typical pain points a bank experiences.

Specific Solutions for Insurance

Insurance companies need a comprehensive production and claims process for planning their financials. Product and line of business are the main categories of planning and reporting structure. We help insurance companies by using our pre-defined insurance models for quick implementation.

  • Production (Revenue) Planning (Premium, Commission)
  • Claims Planning
  • Unearned Premium Reserve
  • OPEX and CAPEX Planning
  • Balance Sheet Planning
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Industry-Specific KPIs
  • Balanced Score Card

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