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Much like celestial constellations, our ability to shine brightly is the combined effect of several stars—in our case, brilliant minds : professionals from diverse backgrounds with a variety of talents and experience.

Our expertise extends across geographies, technologies, solutions, and industry sectors. The experience of our leaders, and our proven methodology—which we call The Constellation Way—will give you the opportunity, knowledge, proficiency, and confidence to become a star in your own right.

What You Can Expect At Constellation

The fuel for your growth

Inclusive & Ethical Work Culture

Constellation offers a harmonious and concerted work culture that goes beyond team spirit. The spirit of collaboration guiding our work is heightened by a sense of inclusion that bridges diversity in culture, gender, race, and color.

Constant Learning

Quick mastery of emerging solutions and technologies is a prerequisite at Constellation. We encourage a learning culture within our people to constantly upgrade their skills and gain proficiency in their roles, through workshops, mentorship programs, and structured training. Constellation’s Learning Platform provides a wide range of courses/training with the flexibility to learn at one’s own pace. We encourage and reward the latest certifications at Constellation.

Solutions Library

At Constellation we encourage our team to contribute to our Solutions Library. Unique and reusable solutions addressing business challenges are recognized and rewarded.

Rapid Career Growth

Opportunities to work with the latest technology offerings on a wide array of projects across a spectrum of industry sectors assure constant learning and remarkable career prospects.

Global Opportunities

Constellation’s roster of clients spans the world, serviced by our offices in the UAE, Egypt, India, Turkey, and the UK. This spread of geography and the scale and diversity of our customers translates into exciting global opportunities for our people.

Wellness at Constellation

At Constellation, mental wellness alongside physical well-being is taken very seriously. Our initiative PoleStar actively supports the mental/emotional well-being of our employees and their near and dear ones.

Employee Connect

Our employee-connect activities are centered around global celebrations and festivals. Despite our global spread and immense diversity, our stars glow brighter as a result of the connection through these events and celebrations.

Glitter Awards

At Constellation high performers, innovation and dedication are rewarded. Glitter Awards, our rewards program ensures the recognition of contributions towards Constellation’s growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at Constellation, believe in giving back to society and encourage our employees to participate in CSR activities, independently and through our own initiatives.

Employee Speak

Hear it from our employees

Ahmed Ezz

My journey at Constellation went from UAE to KSA, then Egypt and now I’m back again in the UAE and I enjoyed each milestone along the way. There was a lot to learn from each experience and challenge. The friendly and “almost nothing is impossible” attitude makes it special here.

Sandeep Aparadh

I have been a part of Constellation since Dec-2012. It has been an exciting and fulfilling experience working with such a great and knowledgeable team. When I look back, I wonder at how quickly 10 years passed. – I think this is a testament to how involving and enjoyable the journey has been.

Murat Civelek

My existing Constellation journey started in June 2013, I was the first employee in Turkey/ME region. During my years in Constellation, I have collected memories, had adventures, learned more than I thought I ever would, and met the best team members. There have been challenges; but that’s what makes success all the more appealing. We have become a powerful independent company and have kept the flag flying at the highest point since then. We have added new partner brands, new expertise, and new talent. And it makes me feel very comfortable, knowing that we have an agile team that can work together and thrive even in uncertain times.

Ozkan Demirciler

I joined Constellation's Dubai office back in August 2014. I have completed eight years since then and not only have I grown as a professional but also as an individual. I have met good, professional colleagues and have met amazing leaders.

Gurkan Onay

My journey with CCG started eight years ago in Istanbul. I had just become a first-time dad. These were two different adventures. But, I also got another family—Constellation, and with their support, I did overcome both challenges well. Things were going well, when Covid-19 popped up and changed our lives entirely. Looking back, I realize that It would not be easy to win against such unexpected situations without a family like CCG.

Mohammad Shakib

I joined Constellation (in its earlier incarnation) on 3rd Dec 2012 as a fresher. But, sometimes I feel like I have joined this company recently and I am still a fresher, there’s always so much to learn.

Samrat Mane

I started my journey with Constellation about nine years back, as an Associate Consultant in the HPCM practice and gradually developed myself to become a manager with the EPM practice. During these years, I have had many opportunities for self-development and have got a chance to work with some of the best talents in the industry. I consider myself privileged for getting a chance to work on technological as well as functional aspects of the projects right from the early days of my career.

Ahmed Farag

I started working with Constellation on 18th Aug 2019, soon after my graduation. After graduation, I was working as a Medical Sales Representative, when I heard about the Scholarship from the Ministry of Telecommunication for EPM. It was my stepping stone to becoming a part of the Constellation family. I have learned a lot from each member of my project team, the Egypt team, and the whole team at Constellation. And I look forward to continued learning.

Gokce Gaygusuz

I joined Constellation 2 years ago in Istanbul. Although it has been only a short I feel like I’ve known everyone for a long long time. I know most of my colleagues in the Turkey Team, but I also have colleagues and friends in other teams, though I cannot meet them face to face. We have achieved great success together in a short time, and I believe that we will do much together in the future.

Subbu Sivasubramanian

I started my Constellation journey with a small five-member team in the Dubai office. I am about to complete eight years with Constellation, and we have grown to an amazing 35+ strong team in the same Dubai office.
I have been engaged with multiple assignments in the past eight years’ time. I am excited to contribute my part in all the planning projects, be it as a key role player, a supporting role, or a bit part. The entire CCG team is friendly, supportive, and encouraging, which creates a healthy workplace. I have seen the Constellation's growth every year even in hard times and I believe it can withstand anything the years bring.

Murat Gaygusuz

Although it has been just two years since I joined Constellation. Everyone welcomed me warmly and was very friendly. It feels as if I have been working at CGG for many years. I knew about CCG by reputation earlier and always believed that it would be enjoyable to work here. I was right. As the CCG Turkey team, we quickly won many projects, and our team has grown rapidly, which has further encouraged us. I am passionate about my work and believe that anyone who loves their job, like the CCG team, would be successful.

Osman Ozkara

I already knew some of our colleagues as we had worked together earlier; therefore, it was not completely a new working environment for me. After one year, I moved to the Dubai office and since then we went through many marvellous things together as a family. Building a strong independent brand, winning new projects, mastering new technologies, the COVID lockdowns… I always feel gratitude and I always thank God that I’m happy at work.

Kaan Yarali

My journey with Constellation started on November 16, 2020. Although I started to work in the Turkey team, I also had the opportunity to work with colleagues from India and Dubai teams. We have completed successful projects in the past 2 years and I can’t wait to do more in the future.

Osama Gamal Abdulaziz

Although it’s been just two years in Constellation, not only have I grown as a professional but also as an individual. This year, I made great friends and met charismatic leaders. I consider myself fortunate enough to have encountered such talented and enthusiastic colleagues.

Karthik Rajangam

Joined fresh out of MBA and got to travel to UAE within 4 months of joining. Found it really encouraging as the company seemed to have more confidence in me than I did in myself. But with the support and encouragement of my team and seniors, I have grown in confidence and knowledge, something I will always be grateful to team Constellation for.

Piyush Dadoo

Before joining the Constellation family, I already knew some of our colleagues as we had worked together on a project in Saudi Arabia, so it was not a completely new working environment for me. We have earned many accolades from the client and are doing exceedingly well on the project. I also got the privilege to lead the 1MS practice, where I was responsible to streamline the 1MS projects making sure services are rendered without escalations from clients & without compromising on the revenue/profitability targets. Thanks to my energetic 1MS teammates and my ever-inspiring management, we have been successful in coming close to the expectations set by the management.

Merve Ozkarlikli

I joined the Constellation family on January 4, 2021, as a consultant in the then-newly-established Turkey practice. Although it was a transition quite early in my career, I considered it an exciting opportunity to be joining such a lively and energetic team, having worked with many of my co-workers in the past. I look forward to a long and rewarding career journey here at Constellation.

Amany Zaytoun

I love to communicate with everyone, so Covid was not a great time for me. But the team worked through the worst of it and came out smiling. I see the CCG HR team is doing tremendous efforts to bridge the gap between teams across countries. I always find support when needed. Looking forward to more career growth and advancement within the Constellation family, Thank You!

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