Connecting strategy to results across the organisation

From Your Success Comes Ours

Businesses that succeed do so by forging a collective: a unity of talent and resources pulling together towards a common objective. Constellation track record comes from the same approach. The value we bring transcends that of a mere service provider, we see ourselves as collaborators, partners working with you to realize a shared goal. And our mindset is reflected in our attitude, our methodology, and the complement of expertise we bring to our projects.

Benefits of the Highest Order

Constellation has the distinction of being the first—and thus far, only—Oracle Partner in the world to be certified for Advanced Expertise in EPM Cloud. This status offers several benefits to our customers as well, as it gives CCG access to resources shared only with companies that consistently demonstrate the highest level of expertise and experience when designing, implementing, and supporting Oracle Performance Management systems.

Client Benefits

  • Priority, around the clock
  • Access to Oracle Advanced Customer Services
  • Dedicated Oracle business consultants
  • Previews of upcoming Oracle products and upgrades
  • 24×7 access to the Oracle University Knowledge Center
  • Priority access to beta versions for research and testing

For More Information on Oracle’s Expertise Certifications, and What It Means for You

Our unique skill sets and track record, have made CCG the partner of choice for leading private sector and public sector organizations keen to implement, develop and maintain enterprise-wide performance management and analytics systems.

Thus, empowering them to make quick and smart decisions and to respond to market opportunities ahead of their competitors.

Accelerate Business Processes in the Next