Democratising data-driven decisions

Using Your Raw Data to Build Everyday AI Solutions

You need just one central solution for the design, deployment, and management of AI applications: Dataiku. Let Constellation help you transform your raw, unstructured data into a library of insightful solutions that resolve particular business issues.

No Coding Experience Needed

Business experts and tech-mavens can both leverage the inherent power in your data to build data pipelines with datasets, use automated recipes to join and alter databases, or build predictive models using Dataiku visual flow. You can use the feature engineering process to automatically fill in missing values and transform non-numerical data into numerical values using well-established encoding techniques.

Users can also create new bespoke features using built-in visual macros, code, or formulas to add extra signals and boost model accuracy. The engineering processes taken during construction in recipes can also be utilized later for scoring and model retraining.

Everyone Benefits

Data Scientists

Data and ML Architects

Data Engineers

Business Analysts

Analytics Leads

Business Stakeholders

Typical Use-cases

Transform Your Processes with the Power of Data & AI