Data Analytics

Transform white noise data into actionable insights

  • Customers feel disconnected from your business?
  • Losing business to the competition?
  • Customers drifting away?
  • Missing opportunities to increase profitability?
  • Unable to spot market trends?
  • Business decisions drive more by opinion than by data?
  • Need to recognize expenditure patterns to reduce wasted spending?
  • Actual results differ significantly from plans and expectations?

Leverage our BI expertise to stay competitive

Streamline Gathering, Reporting, and Analysis of Your Data

All good decisions are ultimately informed by data. But to get to the insights behind the data, enterprises need to consistently collect sufficient data, collate it and curate it so it can be utilized to aid decision-making.

Constellation specializes in helping businesses across industry sectors leverage a range of BI tools to improve their business functions—from HR to Sales & Marketing. We are tool agnostic, and have a deep bench of solution experts, which enables us to prescribe and implement the best tool—be it from Oracle, Microsoft, or Tableau—for your purposes. Over the years, we have helped businesses across industry sectors and geographies make the best possible use of their data through implementations, consultations, and training on a variety of Data solutions.

Analytics At Work

  • Improve Customer Retention – Gather and use data from customer interactions at various touch points to cross-sell, up-sell and generally improve retention
  • Understand Customers Better – Use your data to gain insights into who your customers are and what they really want
  • Personalize Customer Interactions – Leverage customer-insights to personalize interactions, cross-sell, up-sell and build brand advocacy
  • Optimize Costs. Create Revenue Opportunities – Use the right Data Analytics tools to track crucial performance points in real time, identify and eliminate wastage, capitalize on market opportunities, and resolve problems before they arise
  • Build Operational Efficiency – Use the self-service approach to enable your people to explore their data directly and share insights
  • Improving revenue reporting by adjusting to new revenue recognition regulations – Manage resources more efficiently by improving revenue recognition for future. Data enablement is the key transformation and allows to analyze demand changes and other factors while assessing revenue opportunities

Why Constellation?

Helping Businesses Move From Diagnostic Views to Prescriptive

Data Analytics is the bridge to understanding what happened, why and how to best use this understanding, and Constellation can help you make that leap, by structuring your disparate data, enabling self-serve visualization and reporting, and translating the learnings through analytics.

So your organization boosts operational efficiency, profitability, and customer-engagement.

  • Partners with Tableau, Microsoft, Oracle, and other leading Data Analytics leaders
  • Specialization in Enterprise and Medium size solutions
  • 100% Certified Consultants
  • Presence with offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India
  • Cross industry experience

Promise Proven By Performance

A Real Estate Major in UAE

Helping a Real Estate Major leverage data analytics for better decision making

  • The data analytics solution included management reporting, financial and operational KPIs.
  • Automated tracking and analysis of data, making it faster and more accurate
  • On demand generation of financial reports
  • Real time monitoring of key performance indicators such as revenue, profitability, and occupancy rates
  • Identification of new opportunities to make strategic investments that further improved its performance

A Manufacturing Giant in UAE

The implementation that led to higher efficiencies, savings and profitability for a manufacturing giant

  • Implementation of data analytics platform brought all of the data together in one place

The platform also provided powerful analytics tools that: 

  • Drove insights into business operations
  • Optimized procurement process by identifying the most cost-effective suppliers
  • Improved inventory management by accurately forecasting sales and identifying slow-moving items
  • Enhanced employee retention, leading to a more stable workforce, higher morale, and increased productivity
  • Streamlined procurement, inventory, sales, financials, and human resources operations, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and higher profitability

Advantage : Constellation

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