Transport Department, UAE

How we helped this transport department get en route to better cost management & service performance

Key Outcomes

FASTER record to report’ turnaround

BETTER user experience in cost management through streamlined data collection, allocation and reporting

MORE time for data analysis & decision making

HIGHER accuracy, transparency, flexibility and dependability of cost calculations

The Client

Our client, a large & forward looking transport authority of a middle-eastern country, is a government department responsible for planning and executing transport and traffic projects, as well as legislation and strategic transportation plans within a particular emirate.

The Challenge

Less than optimal cost management caused by manual processing of huge volumes of data from multiple and disparate sources and inflexible cost allocation, was leading to numerous ‘human errors’. Divergence of data sources had created silos that bred inconsistent reporting. Furthermore, the time and effort spent on these manual processes left little time for analysis.

Our Solution

We incorporated best practices in cost management to streamline practices across the organization. This included:

  • Use of driver-based allocation models, through Oracle Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management platform, to enable actual cost of services to be calculated in a traceable manner
  • Automation of data collection and integration of 14 legacy source systems into a common data warehouse, which will serve not just the current project, but also future projects
  • Implementation of a comprehensive BI solution for consolidating & analyzing cost, profitability and service performance


The success was immediately apparent from the improved user experience in data collection, integration, allocation and reporting. Improved allocation accuracy, transparency and flexibility via calculations created a ‘single version of truth’, which combined with the reduction in record-to report time gave management better data and more time for analysis and decision-making.

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