Catering & Ancillary Services Company, UAE

Helping the world’s largest inflight catering logistics cater to diverse demands—and save money

Key Outcomes

58% SAVINGS & need for manual, excel-based reports eliminated

30-DAY FORECAST using a complex predictive model + analytics to anticipate meal requirements

DAILY REVIEW of KPI performance instead of monthly

ON-THE-GO ACCESS to reports via mobile devices

The Client

With a 56,000 square meter facility and a production capacity exceeding 200,000 meals per day, this Dubai-based flight catering company is the largest of its kind in the world. In addition to in-flight catering and support services to 105 airlines, it also provides such key services as airport F&B, private jet catering, laundry & food production.

The Challenge

The company’s finance and HR teams were spending massive amounts of time and effort accessing multiple information sources to prepare diverse management reports manually using MS Excel. Lack of access to reports via mobile devices made on-the-go analyses and references impossible. All these factors were also impeding management’s ability to make timely reviews and draw quick insights.

Our Solution

Consultation began with a detailed exercise to define and validate leadership KPIs. A central enterprise data warehouse was built to act as a single source of truth. Visually appealing and easy-to-read dashboards and BI reporting systems were designed and uploaded to allow easy access via mobile devices. The solution also incorporated Business Predictions using Futuristic Forecasting models to help estimate meal requirements for multiple airlines well in advance.


Constellation’s solution precluded the need for manual report preparation, resulting in huge savings for the Finance and HR departments. The combination of a central data warehouse and internet accessibility to daily updated reports means that the leadership team could now conduct their weekly cadence meetings using KPIs on BI using their mobile devices and tablets. Using a complex predictive model with analytics now gives the culinary department a 30-day head start on the number of meals needed for the next 30 days… for 120 airlines!

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