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Technology has helped transform the way organizations work, from the inside out. So why is planning still using outdated, disconnected tools and manual processes that are slow, inefficient and often complicated?

What if you could reduce the budgeting, forecasting, analysis and shorten reporting cycles by over 50%?

What if you could create massive, quantifiable value across the enterprise?

Anaplan’s Connected Planning completely disrupts the legacy planning process by connecting your departments and people with the data, enabling real time planning and intelligent decisions that improve your competitiveness and raise productivity.

As Anaplan’s partner in the APAC region, Constellation can help you do all this and more, with the help of Anaplan’s cloud native enterprise-wide planning solution that leverages data and insights across the business to drive value for the entire organization

What’s in it for you?

You can look forward to reducing administrative tasks for preparing templates, manual data collection, and all the time-bound processes associated with spreadsheets and point-based first-generation planning systems.

Without the limitations of traditional tools, all business users can plan for business requirements, which, in turn, provides your FP&A and all other Operational Planning & Modelling processes with more confidence in the timeliness and reliability of business insights they deliver for management decision making.

Not only does Anaplan’s solution help free up your staff to analyze and deliver new insight to the business, it will play a key role in retaining and developing your talent.

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