Break the analytics barrier

Unleash the smart business person’s not-so-secret weapon to speedy data analysis, without the need for a data scientist or complex coding capabilities. Constellation can help you leverage Alteryx capabilities to discover, prepare, blend, model and analyse all your data faster than ever before.

Unite many data sources wherever it is stored and connect, prep and blend to create powerful models—statistical, predictive, prescriptive and spatial. And it’s all code free or code friendly, so you don’t need to be a data scientist or have complex coding abilities. You can also enrich your data with third party data sets to visualize how your data changes as you work. Deploy models and integrate into business applications on any computing platform, without the need for development and orchestration of application, source control, integration, container and proxy services.

Best of all, the repeatable workflow functionality ensures you never have to conduct the same analysis again. Regular refreshes will update incremental changes keeping you up-to-date automatically.

We’ll show you how you can quickly master Alteryx’s preparation tools to extract or combine data from multiple sources; transform transform, and automate manual tasks to reduce error, and speed up time-to-insight. And, not least, deploy your models across your organization to leverage the power of many!

It’s time to alter the way you see data. Call Constellation for a consultation, today.

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