Success Comes with A Plan

At Constellation, we believe that successful projects result from effective communication, cooperation and coordination. Our people come to us from diverse firms and industry positions and have worked with professionals who span the spectrum of corporate life. But even the most brilliant professionals would be lost without a clear map to their desired objective.

With this understanding, we took the best of what we’ve learned and experienced, and created an agile, battle tested methodology, which we call:
The Constellation Way. ‘The Constellation Way’ is a combination of a strict code of ethics, our solution delivery methodology, principles of being a Constellation consultant, best practices and lessons learned.

Streamlined Methodology

Our methodology aims to be effective and practical. And our deliverable templates are based on best practices and numerous years of experience. Understanding the value of everyone’s time, our methodology maximizes each phase and purpose of each deliverable. Our approach applies iterative development in phases with clearly defined end-of-phase checkpoints to ensure phase communication and quality assurance.

Our methodology has proven to be successful project after project and enables the entire project team to focus efficiently on value-added activities, from project planning all the way through project closure.

Collaborative Approach

Our methodology is a combination of the Waterfall and Agile approaches. This allows us to involve our clients from the early stages of the project all the way through to completion. Our successes are based on those of our clients when we work together and collaborate from the start, we can guarantee positive results.

All Constellation practitioners have been trained in this methodology. This consistency in methodology offers numerous benefits, such as:
  • Confidence that, from the sales process through the implementation and support processes, Constellation as an organization has a proven, consistent approach to deliver successfully
  • Precise and efficient communication between Constellation team members
  • Structure to ensure quality and consistency
  • Effective project oversight and quality control
  • Swiftly deliver even under the most challenging circumstances