Managed Services

We’ve got you covered

Our primary objective is to ensure clients have complete autonomy. We focus on knowledge transfer throughout the engagement in a manner that ensures clients fully understand and can control their applications.

In some instances, however, clients opt for ongoing support to complement their internal resources—personnel, software or even storage. Constellation offers a comprehensive menu of Managed Services to accommodate these needs.


For recently implemented solutions or in the months immediately following GO LIVE ongoing support is desired to:

  • Ensure continuity from departing consulting team
  • Mitigate risk as in-house team ramps up to own system
  • Ensure continuing knowledge transfer
  • Bridge any gaps in availability or skills of in-house team
  • Ensure rapid expert response to questions/issues


For implemented solutions, where ongoing support and development poses issues due to:

  • Hiring one or more full time Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Customer Relationship Management specialists can be cost prohibitive
  • Engaging consultants:
  • Full time or part time is expensive
  • “On Demand” is time-consuming (repeating learning curve)
  • “On Demand” puts required continuity at risk
  • In-house turnover or coverage for vacations and leaves results in gaps

We have designed our Managed Services to provide a single point of continuity and accountability for your business’s mission critical Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Customer Relationship Management. Our service level complements your existing staff, balances resources, and strengthens infrastructure. With Constellation’s technical expertise and business acumen you can be assured of a partnership your corporation can rely on at a reasonable cost with coverage 365 days a year.

How it works:


    Weekly calls with Team to:

  • Review prior (week) issues
  • Review current issues:
  • Discuss upcoming tasks and any concerns
  • Monthly close
  • Quarterly Reforecast
  • Annual Plan
  • Log review / monitoring servers
  • Discuss any outlier events (e.g. acquisition, divestment, Re-Organizations)


  • Unforeseen technical or data issues
  • Support Ticketing system (JIRA)
  • Constellation responds within agreed upon SLA
  • Assess, review, recommend, correct, implement
  • Remote or on site collaboration to review/resolve issues together

Contact us to learn more about how Constellation can help support your system.