Add your brilliance to ours

Like celestial constellations, our ability to shine brightly is the combined effect of many many brilliant minds. People like you, professionals from diverse firms and with a variety of talents and experience.

The spread of our expertise—across existing and emerging digital technologies and industry sectors—the experience of our leaders, and our proven methodology, which we call The Constellation Way, will give you the knowledge, experience and confidence to blaze an ever-brighter career path.

What you can expect at Constellation

Inclusive & ethical work culture

Constellation offers a friendly work culture that goes beyond team-spirit. The spirit of collaboration guiding our work is heightened by a sense of exclusivity that bridges diversity in culture, gender, race and color.

Constant learning

Quick mastery of new technologies is a pre-requisite at Constellation, and we encourage our people to constantly upgrade their skills, gain proficiency in their roles, and prepare for future advances, through workshops, active mentorship, and structured trainings.

Speedier path to growth

Opportunities to work with the latest tech-offerings, on a wide variety of projects, for businesses across a spectrum of industry sectors, assures constant learning and steeper career trajectories.

Global opportunities

Constellation’s roster of clients spans most of the world, serviced from our offices in the Middle-East, India, Egypt and Turkey. This spread of geography and the scale and diversity of our customers translates into exciting global opportunities for our people.