Profitability & Cost Management

Control Costs, Drive Profitability.

Don’t let costs rob you of your profitability. Incomplete or inaccurate information leads to poor strategy decisions and sub-par allocation of human and financial resources, negatively impacting your bottom line. Constellation provides Profitability Analytics (sometimes described as Profitability & Cost Management) that will help you discover the true costs of your products and/or services and help you realize the potential profitability of your business.

Conventional profitability and cost analytics focuses on past performance and operates in a static environment using outdated data. By contrast, Constellation’s integrated approach delivers financial, planning and profitability information together. This enables our clients to make better decisions and stay nimble.

We also link clients’ strategic initiatives with operational plans and activities at the enterprise, business unit, and departmental level. This ensures management has the information needed to optimally align resources and focus on areas that enhance performance

Be it Activity Based Costing (ABC), Time Estimation, Driver Based, or any other profitability & costing methodology, we can help you develop and deploy a Profitability Management solution that gives you the control, clarity and performance necessary to make better, more informed decisions in a complex and competitive global environment.

Constellation’s Profitability Management Solutions enable you to:

  • View your allocations clearly. No more black box processes; our solutions improve transparency allowing you to trace how the numbers were generated.
  • Align cost with revenue based on key business drivers to achieve optimal profitability at each business segment (Product, Customer, Channel, etc.)
  • Perform ‘what-if’ analysis to support decision-making during times of change, such as plant closure, reorganization, and channel adjustments
  • Identify root causes and optimize flexibility and agility to maneuver within an ever complex market
  • Discover and analyze the true impact of Shared Services
  • Improve customer service and react to changing customer demands (price, product mix, packaging, capacity) with a clear understanding of the impact on profitability
  • Discover and comprehend the underlying drivers of the business, including creating drill-down capability

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Platform (PCM)

Let us help you optimize your business from start-to-finish

The performance management application of choice, Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) is a unit of Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system providing actionable insights into costs and profitability. PCM offers a flexible allocations platform for any activity-based costing method. PCM also supports cost and revenue management, provides traceability maps and audit trails, and is the only packaged profitability application that leverages Essbase. Leverage our experience in PCM to discover drivers of cost and profitability; empower your users with visibility and flexibility; and improve resource alignment. Our overall expertise in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management applications, will also help you drive a single point of maintenance using PCM’s common foundation and overall integration capabilities.

Key Benefits of Oracle PCM:

Identify sources and attributes of profitability with multi-dimensional analysis

Improve decisions with scenario modeling capabilities

Enable management best practices by leveraging profitability as a performance metric

Accurately allocate costs with a flexible allocation engine that supports any methodology

Gain confidence in cost allocations and revenue flows with graphical traceability maps

Quickly validate models with user-defined business rules

Improve resource alignment

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