Putting Machine Learning to Work

Future Proof your Business

Constellation puts the power of AWS AI/ML solutions in your hands with speedy and cost effective cloud based predictive analytics that will help you move your business to the next level. We can help you harness AWS SageMaker machine learning to streamline and understand massive, scattered and disparate data volumes. Ideal for data scientist, analyst, developer, and business head, AWS makes it simple to add data-driven value to every business process from production to supply chain and logistics to customer service.

Take the next step in your digital transformation evolution with our portfolio of data-driven business analytics solutions.


Production-ready AWS Data Lake lets you quickly and cost-effectively add ML & AI predictive intelligence to your processes.

  • Server-less
  • Selfservice-enabled
  • Secure
  • Speedy


Develop, Train and Deploy intelligent and automated applications using AI

  • NLP & Text
  • Speech & Audio
  • Image & Video


Do more, faster, better and cost-effectively

  • Clearer data interpretations
  • Automated, Self-improving Applications
  • Scalable Solutions

Machine Learning Simplified

Business Maximized

You’ve got the data, now put the learnings to work. Constellations helps businesses across industry sectors use machine learning to better automate workflows and predict business outcomes. As AWS partners, and Business Analytics and EPM specialists for over a decade, we are well equipped to help you build and/or deploy applications that add Machine Learning intelligence to your data, dashboards, and business predictions.

ML Applications for next-level businesses

  • Data entry
  • Spam detection
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product recommendation
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Financial analysis and portfolio management
  • Predictive preventive maintenance

Data-Driven Successes

Since 2008, our performance management experts have delivered game-changing solutions in data management, analytics, and predictive intelligence to some of the biggest private businesses and government entities.

  • Sales Analytics for Retail, Real-estate, Manufacturing, Transportation, F&B
  • What-if analyses
  • Warehouse Merchandizing, Fulfilment
  • Financial Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Industrial Predictive analytics & preventive maintenance

Business Intelligence on Steroids

From resolving your business challenges to beating the competition, CCG’s ML expertise can help you discover and realise opportunities inherent in your business data. With our wide industry experience and cross-platform expertise, you will have the insights needed to quickly identify best opportunities and act on them.

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