Enterprise Performance Management

Better Insight. Higher Performance.

Controlling an entire organization becomes smoother when you have the most important performance metrics at your fingertips and your disparate management systems work as one.

Constellation partners with clients to create and implement solutions—on cloud or on-premises—that deliver end-to-end enterprise performance management. Our solutions provide the information and the intelligence you need to improve your planning, budgeting, reporting, consolidation and financial analysis.

From financial closing to forecasting to profitability & cost management to regulatory reporting, our financial and technical experts will help you manage integrated business processes better, make informed strategic decisions, and respond to changing business scenarios faster than the competition.

Planning, Budgeting and Strategy

Stay Relevant, Stay Profitable

With more effective budgeting, planning & forecasting, delivered faster

“Despite revenue stabilizing, budgeting and planning continue to challenge CFOs and their finance teams”

- CFO Magazine

Will your current business planning or forecasting solution stay relevant in the face of changes in business, strategy or your industry as a whole? What if your company doubles in size or complexity this year?

Businesses are constantly impacted by market trends, as well as unique issues within specific industries. Without relevant, up-to-date and accurate data, and analytical tools, business planners will struggle to plan or forecast effectively while adapting to changes in a scalable way.

Financial Close

Let your numbers do the talking.

The increasing pace of regulatory compliance, enterprise expansion and industry competition have made financial consolidating and reporting a critical exercise for every business. The pressure is not just on being faster but also thorough.

Constellation can help you close your books faster and report to your stakeholders internal and external with greater clarity on your business’s performance—past, present and future.

Financial Close
Profitability & Cost Management

Profitability & Cost Management

Control Costs, Drive Profitability.

Don’t let costs rob you of your profitability. Incomplete or inaccurate information leads to poor strategy decisions and sub-par allocation of human and financial resources, negatively impacting your bottom line. Constellation provides Profitability Analytics (sometimes described as Profitability & Cost Management) that will help you discover the true costs of your products and/or services and help you realize the potential profitability of your business.

Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation made easy, automatically

There's no surer way to check financial statement errors and fraud than timely Account Reconciliation. But there is a better way to go about it.

Constellation's Account Reconciliation Management saves you the time, effort, and probability of human error that come with conventional manual processes. Using Oracle’s Account Reconciliation on the cloud, we build bespoke solutions to automate all the steps in your process.

Account Reconciliation

Masterdata Management

Discover Synchronicity, Master Data

Discover Synchronicity, Master Data

Disconnected information systems compromise your business's agility, efficiency and effectiveness.Fluent central management of masterdata components-dimensions, hierarchies, reporting structures, and properties-gives your business the agility to globally synchronize metadata across disconnected information systems.

Centralized, Collaborative Change Management

Oracle Enterprise Data Management, the gold standard in masterdata synchronization, reduces manual maintenance efforts while allowing you to create, update and export dimensions, hierarchies, reporting structures and properties to downstream systems and applications.

Strategy Management & Scorecards

Knowing your company’s financial performance is nice; predicting future financial performance is way better.

Conventional financial metrics only show you one part of the picture. To build a business that will endure and thrive, you also need to look at strategic measures. Knowing the right areas to monitor enables you to reach your goals faster.