Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data Analytics

Analytics is about generating business value from data, and, with our multi-industry experience, we are well positioned to offer analytics and business intelligence specific to your C-level management’s needs. We are tool & technology agnostic when it comes to Data Analytics, which gives us singular leeway in generating value from your data.

Whatever the function, scale and status of your business, we help you go one step beyond the competition with data cues & insights.

Our approach is to take you from Descriptive Analytics & Diagnostic Analytics to provide insights into the past, through Predictive Analytics, using statistical models to forecast possible future happenings, to Prescriptive Analytics, to inform your future actions using Machine Learning techniques combined with AI with help of optimization and simulation algorithms.

Data Visualization, Data Lakes, Management Consulting-KPI & Strategy Definition, Google BigQuery, MS Power BI, AWS Redshift, Data warehouse & Data Management, Data Mash Up & Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Science COEs, Tableau, Trends Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Machine Learning, Executive Dashboards, Oracle BI/Oracle Analytics Cloud
Neural networks, Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Problem Solving, Patters Recognition, Automation, Algorithm

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